Power of Visual Perception in Math | T1I S1 E10

Power of Visual Perception in Math | T1I S1 E10

In this episode of Tier 1 Interventions, hosts Jonily Zupancic and Cheri Dotterer discuss the disconnect between visual perception and math skills in young learners. They explore using visual aids like dots and pegboards to assess and improve math understanding. The hosts also delve into the concepts of false positives and false negatives in math assessments, emphasizing the importance of understanding the underlying reasons behind a student's performance. Join them as they share insights from cognitive science and neuroscience to help educators better support their students' mathematical development.
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2:45  Using pegboards and other visual aids to represent dots
3:53  Examples of how children represent dot patterns
5:51  Analyzing the disconnects between visual perception and math skills
10:00  False positives and false negatives in math assessments
13:16  The importance of understanding conceptual understanding in math
18:19  A teacher's journey to understanding math
20:38  The importance of visuals in increasing memory and retention
26:52  Conclusion and sign-up information
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