Miracle Math Classroom: T1I S1 E1

Miracle Math Classroom: T1I S1 E1

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In this enlightening episode of Tier One Interventions, hosts Jonily Zupancic and Cheri Dotterer embark on a thought-provoking journey into the world of education, mainly focusing on the impact of COVID-19 and the evolution of Tier One interventions. They begin by exploring the concept of tier-one intervention, emphasizing its role in creating an inclusive, accessible, yet intellectually challenging environment in mathematics and writing.

Jonily Zupancic delves deep into the challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic, highlighting a crucial turning point in educational practices. She argues persuasively for a paradigm shift in classroom instruction, advocating for an approach that serves more students efficiently and effectively, reducing the need for intensive interventions at higher tiers.

Cheri Dotterer brings a unique perspective from her occupational therapy background, discussing the escalating demands on OTs pre-COVID and the profound changes in the educational landscape following the pandemic. Her insights into the shifts in legislation and its impact on education, particularly in writing and fine motor skills, provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges educators and students face.

The episode is not just about highlighting problems; it's a beacon of hope and practical solutions. The hosts discuss strategies to enhance the complexity of mathematics education while maintaining accessibility for all students. They also address the decline in explicit writing instruction, drawing parallels to mathematics education and underscoring the need for a holistic approach to learning.

Listeners are invited to join this enlightening conversation, a thought-provoking exercise in reimagining education. The episode promises to blend insightful analysis, innovative ideas, and practical strategies, making it a must-listen for educators, parents, and anyone interested in the future of education.

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Cheri Dotterer
Cheri Dotterer
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