Vestibular system and its impact on learning and academics: S1 E7

Vestibular system and its impact on learning and academics: S1 E7

Vestibular system and its impact on learning and academics.

In today's "Tier 1 Interventions" episode, we dive into the fascinating world of proprioception and the vestibular system, exploring their critical roles in educational settings. Hosts Cheri Dotterer and Jonily Zupancic are joined by clients to unravel how these sensory systems impact learning and classroom dynamics. 

Cheri Dotterer emphasized the crucial role of proprioception and the vestibular system in learning, while several clients shared their takeaways and strategies to help children. The connection between the vestibular system and academic performance is essential to unleash students' full potential.

Cheri shared her experience with reading difficulties due to vision impairment and connecting it to her vestibular system and the impact of the open classroom in fifth grade. She shares how addressing vestibular system issues improves focus, reading, and overall well-being. 
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  1. Introduction to Sensory Systems in Education
    • Timestamp: 00:00:07 - 00:01:53
    • Description: This is an introduction to the episode and an overview of the importance of proprioception and the vestibular system in learning.
  2. Deep Dive into Proprioception
    • Timestamp: 00:01:53 - 00:04:14
    • Description: Cheri discusses the proprioceptive system, explaining its role in muscle and joint coordination and its impact on educational activities.
  3. Practical Demonstration of Vestibular Effects
    • Timestamp: 00:04:14 - 00:05:00
    • Description: This interactive segment is where listeners are guided through exercises to experience the effects of vestibular activities.
  4. Discussion on Classroom Strategies
    • Timestamp: 00:05:00 - 00:09:43
    • Description: Strategies for incorporating vestibular and proprioceptive activities into classroom routines to support student learning.
  5. Inclusive Education and sensory processing
    • Timestamp: 00:09:43 - 00:12:24
    • Description: Exploring how understanding sensory systems can lead to more inclusive education practices and better support for students with sensory integration challenges.
  6. Q&A and Real-world Applications
    • Timestamp: 00:12:24 - 00:18:00
    • Description: Questions from the audience and examples of applying sensory integration techniques in various educational contexts.
  7. Closing Thoughts and Resources
    • Timestamp: 00:18:00 - 00:22:59
    • Description: Final thoughts on the importance of sensory systems in education and additional resources for further learning.


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