Tier 1 Interventions Podcast Trailer

Tier 1 Interventions Podcast Trailer

Hey everybody, welcome to tier one interventions podcast where we reinvent the 21st century classroom using the tell me about method. Use these three little words to revolutionize your classroom and improve the efficacy and utilization of your related service providers. You know, that occupational therapist and speech therapist create innovative, innovative collaborations between regular education and related service providers.
How by incorporating 12 math experiences alongside neuro development activities strategically targeting cognitive ready performance,
improve the proficiency of all students using the same interventions. From that gifted student to that learning support student and all students in between. boost
the engagement and excitement and increase student motivation in your classroom by activating creativity through novelty,
save time, save money, and reduce the number of students referred to tiers two and three of that Multi Tiered System of Supports you know the MTSS model. Use
reference tasks to reinvent how math is experienced in your classroom. They are not designed to replace your curriculum, but to enhance it.
These tasks break all the math standards down into 12 interventions. Repeat, revisit them time and time again, extending your math content from kindergarten through 12th grade.
Use the associated cognitive ready strategies to maximize learning.
These cognitive reading strategies improve memory, visual spatial skills, motor skills associated with a neurobiological development. Join us live on the third Saturday of the month except June, July and August at around 9:30am eastern standard time where we uncover these reference tasks.
Stay for the entire workshop to become immersed in executing the mathematics through these cognitive ready strategies.
I'm Cheri Dotterer. I'm the lesson plan whisper because Jonily tells me that she hears me in her head whenever we are talking in the classroom, because sometimes I'm not there. I have been studying these these math reference tasks for the last several years and have discovered that neuro development that goes alongside the the academics that students need to help enrich their lives.
And I'm Jonily Zupancic. And over the last few years, Cheri has helped me as a secondary math teacher come to realize the body and brain based interventions and exercises kids need in order to open up their brain for learning. Although I'm a secondary math Certified Teacher, I'm also an instructional coach from kindergarten through high school, as well as a consultant for many school districts helping improve number sense and engage students in rich math experiences.

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